La Bella Napoli Tomato Products

La Bella Napoli Tomato Products



The tomato is integral to so many classic Italian dishes. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the country’s cuisine without it, and different types have different culinary uses.

Plum (or paste) tomatoes are first choice for sauces because they have thick, meaty flesh, fewer seeds, less juice, and thicker skins, which makes them comparatively easy to peel. Commercially, they are usually tinned or used for passata.

La Bella Napoli Whole Peeled Tomatoes are from a factory in Naples, Italy established in 1974

  • Plum or round tomatoes that have been peeled, vapour cooked and packed in juice
  • Whole canned tomatoes are used in sauces or stews
  • They are the freshest tasting canned tomato product
  • Tomatoes are “whole” therefore need to be cooked, therefore yield is reduced from cooking process

Tomato products available

  • Whole peeled tomatoes 420g
  • Whole peeled tomatoes A9
  • Chopped tomato 400g
  • Passata 680g (Fiorino)